Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Noob Squad - Episode 1

Episode one is up and running! We had a lot of fun recording, but man could I tell we were a little rusty. I give a lot of credit to the good Podcasts out there because you never really know how much work they are until you try and make one yourself. The thing that gets me all the time is transitioning into new topics. Other podcasts I listen to make it seem so smooth and everything flows together so nice that you would think it is really easy to do, but it's not!

My hope that is once we all get use to the recording process that the transitions will just start to happen a lot smoother. I know they are not horrible in episode one, but they are not quite to the point where I want everything to be! Hopefully as more episodes roll out and we get accustomed to having four members in the group things will start to flow a lot smoother!

Thanks to everyone who listens and have a great Christmas and New Year!

Episode 2 should be up mid-January!

~ Dave

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

App of the Month - Trivia Crack

One of our segments on our Podcast this time around will be the App of the Month. One of the Podcast members will pick a free to play app and we will all download and play it until our next Podcast. During the next Podcast we will let you know our thoughts on the games we picked.

We decided to get a jump start for episode one and picked a game before recording so we could talk about it. This month Dalton was in charge of our game and picked....

Trivia Crack - From Etermax


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Noob Squad

After a year long hiatus we are returning to Podcasting! There were quite a few life changing events that happened during our away time that it made it hard to find time to maintain a full Podcast. I hope that we will be able to continue on with this show for quite some time. Thanks to all the people that listened in on our last show and we hope that this one will be as good or better!

As soon as Episode #1 is completed I will link it on the blog.

If you have any questions, comments, or want to hear our opinions on almost anything let us know. We would love to do some shout outs for our followers.

You can reach us @NoobSquadStudios@gmail.com

~ Dave

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Knights and Dragons

Hey everyone - I'm still around. Trying to adjust to life with a kid now! Anyways I have been playing a IOS game lately called Knights and Dragons and it has been super addicting! I have actually been enjoying all aspects of the game so far, even the PvP and Guild Battles - And I usually stick as far away from PvP as possible.

Couple of notes - This is by far a pay to win game. You can use real money to purchase gems and then in turn use the gems to purchase chests which give out random rewards including the best armors in the game - However, you can still do really well without sinking a lot of money (or any) into the game. I spent the $1.99 to get the starter pack which is a few gems, a little money, and a descent set of armor. I have nothing against putting a couple of dollars into a game that I like if it's free to play.

The game basically revolves around your knights and their armor. You can upgrade or "Fuse" new armor. There are quite a few stages to get through with different bosses as well. When you defeat a boss with a special attack they drop pieces to armor that you can then have your blacksmith use to create new armors. The higher quality armors take quite a few more pieces so it will take a few times through a stage to get everything you need.